Saturday, February 21, 2009

Use What You Have - DIY Tech Fixes

Paul Boudin of the Wall Street Journal wrote recently how we may be entering a time similiar to postwar Japan where their economy wasn't so good so people found multiple uses for common household products.  Some engineers have shared some great tips on ways to solve high tech issues spending money.  There are some great ideas.  Its worth trying to save money on repairs.

1.  Cell phone battery issues.  Does your cell battery not hold a charge good.  Do you carry it in your pocket?  Batteries hold charge better in cooler places.  If you carry yours in your pocket try changing to your purse or belt loop.

2.  Dry ink cartridge.  Has you ink cartridge began to run dry in the middle of a big print job?  Try taking it out and running a blow dryer over it for a few minutes.  The heat will loosen the remaining ink to finish the job.

3.  Cell phone in water.  Ever dropped your cell phone in water?  If this happens remove the batter immediately. Then wipe the everything off with a towel.  Put your cell in a jar with rice. Yes, rice.  Rice has a chemical affinity to water and will act like a magnet and draw it out.

4.  Crashed hard drive.  If you hard drive ever crashes put it in the freezer.  Yes!  Put it in the freezer overnight.  The cold will contract parts and sometimes free anything that is binding.  A tip from Fred Langa on his Windows Secret Website.

For more tips check out Paul Boudin's article.

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