Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Great Money Savings Tips

I just read an article by Brett Arends from the Wallstreet Journal Online (Small Investments With Big Returns) that had some good ways to save a few bucks. With the state of the economy today this could be helpful.  Here are a few tips that he shared which I thought were great ideas.
  • "Buy a bread maker.  You can buy one for $55.  If it saves you just $4 a week on store-bought bread, that's $208 a year.  A 280% return."
  • Don't forget about the library. "If it even saves you $10 a month on books thats a savings of $120 a year."
  • Grow your own herbs, vegetables, etc. We all know this one and some of us have tried it. Others may not be able to.  "But, if you spend even $10 on seeds and saved a mere $50 on the year. That is a 400% return on investment."
  • Make your own coffee to take to work.  A good thermos may run you $20, $10 for filters and papers, and maybe $60 for ground coffee for the year. "Then skip the $4 per day drive thru. It saves you $1,000 per year!"
Hmmmmm...... Something to think about.

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