Sunday, March 21, 2010

Dating Cents: Budget-Friendly Date Ideas

While many are learning to be more fiscally responsible in these times and are cutting back on some daily or weekly pleasures such as coffee runs to Starbucks, eating out, entertainment events, etc. you don't have to let these cut backs affect your love life. You just need to have a little creativity. Here are some budget friendly date ideas.

  1. Go to an outdoor concert in your local city. Pack a blanket and some snacks and enjoy a free outdoor concert in your local community. Check out for listings in your area.
  2. Host your own wine tasting. Invite people over and require each guest to bring a bottle of wine and their favorite cheese. This is a great way to introduce your date to all of your friends and cost friendly event. The only cost being your contribution.
  3. Make a little Fondue. What's not to love about Fondue shared by two. And a way to impress with creativity without having to go to a Fondue restaurant. Make it yourself at home. Start the evening snacking on baguettes dipped in melted cheese and end it by dipping fruit into chocolate.
  4. Visit a Flea Market. Yes, guys may not like to shop. But, they may end up thankful in the end. At Flea Markets, there's something for everyone and plenty of things you never knew existed. It allows each person to discover things about the other. Maybe there is a hobby you didn't know about.
  5. Relive your youth on roller skates. Yes, go roller skating. A very inexpensive event but oh so much fun. Allowing for much interactivity. Top it off with a stop for dessert or coffee on the way home.
  6. Pick some fruit. Spend the day at a local fruit farm picking fruit and then topping it off with making something with it when you get home.
  7. Theater on a budget. Do you really want to see a musical or play but can't afford it. Check to see if you can buy tickets to a dress rehearsal or productions at local colleges. Its often a fraction of the price.

Idea Source: Yahoo Shine and Marie Claire
Photograph sourced through Google Images
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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Free Creative Activities for Kids

Looking for ways to continue to allow you and your kids to participate in creative activities or events and on a budget? I learned of some great websites from USA Weekend that are fun, safe, and free. They allow kids to explore and get their creative juices flowing and you can do it with them.

Drawing and Design.
Shidonni lets kids draw animals online, give them names and design imaginary worlds.
- Ages 5-12

Devise Games.
What kid would not think its fun to create their own game! Here they can do that and they can challenge their friends to play. Fidget is a multiplayer game on PBS' Design Squad site.
- Ages 8-13

Craft Cartoons.
Creativity can really soar here. At Makebeliefscomix kids can write, read and tell stories by creating comic strips online, and then printing or emailing them to friends or relatives.
- For all ages.

Program a Video.
Create movies, music, video games at Scratch, developed by MIT Media Lab members.
- Ages 8 and up.

Make Music.
On Crank It Up, kids can compose and record rhythms using pots, pans, wooden spoons and even the computer keyboard to create a masterpiece.
- For all ages.
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