Monday, February 9, 2009

Use The Internet To Save On Groceries

I can remember growing up how great my Dad was at saving money on groceries for the family he raised on a single income.  But, I also can recall all that was involved to do so.  The time spent cutting coupons.  And knowing when to use the coupons.  This meant keeping an eye on all the sales ads to match the coupons up to.  But, also knowing whether it even made sense to use the coupon on a sale item.  This involved consumer knowledge of just knowing your prices for products and when the prices were hitting the lowest.  Basically, it involved a lot of time.  My Dad became a master at this without the use of technology (things weren't as sophisticated then).  We joked about it often and at one point even bought him a license plate that read 'Coupon King'.  With the internet we can now save time AND money so easily.  

Laura Rowley recently wrote about this and in her article even spoke to how you could save $400 a month on groceries.  All through the internet!  Here are some quick tips.

Watch the prices.  This doesn't have to be time consuming manual anymore.  There is a site called 'The Grocery Game'  that tracks prices for thousands of products in hundreds of stores. This allows you to see when products hit their lowest price.  

You can also print coupons off the Internet.  The Grocery Game does offer them.  Other sites do as well including: and  The Coupon Mom. While The Coupon Mom is a great source and does track sales across multiple stores as well it does not tell you when the lowest prices hit like The Grocery Game.   Also, The Coupon Mom is solely funded by advertising so bear with the navigation of the site.  Additionally, this may not be for everyone.  You have to plan well and have storage because you may find that hitting products when they are low to get the best value may mean stocking up on some items that may keep well over time.  But, save a lot in the long run.  

Plan, plan, plan.  Plan ahead and be flexible of brands.  Also, keep an eye on unit prices. Retailers today point everyone towards buying big or in bulk.  You may find that the better deal is in the smaller size.  Learn more from Gary Foreman at The Dollar Stretcher.

Do you shop a warehouse store to save money?  If you do, did you know that has a grocery service and you can buy in bulk for non perishable items and receive free shipping  if you spend more than $25!

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