Monday, February 16, 2009

Use Gas More Efficiently

While gas prices seem to be holding steady near or under the $2 mark it is still high and will probably increase again in the future.  Why not get in the mode of using gas more efficiently now and making it a habit.  Helping to save money in the end. While I am sure we all have learned of ways to operate our vehicles better to save gas including using gradual acceleration, using cruise control to maintain efficient speeds, and performing regular maintenance there are other things we can do outside of the way we operate our vehicles.

1.  For working professionals.  Use the phone a little more rather than making in person visits to clients.  I am not suggesting elimination of visits.  Just try scaling back a bit.  Or call before meetings to ensure they are still on.  If they are canceled it will save you a trip.

2. Make a driving plan.  Try to make appointments that are located near each other around the same time to eliminate driving back and forth.  Or plan your errands.  When I go to the gym which is 10 miles from my house I make stops along the way.  It saves me having to drive back out again after I get home.

3.  Park and walk.  Do you have appointments that are within blocks of each other. Rather than drive around looking for the perfect spot for each appointment try parking in a central location and walking to them.  It will also provide a little excercise.

4.  Adjust your working hours.  If you employer allows it try altering your working hours around rush hour.  Sitting in rush hour traffic uses more gas.

5.  Cut down on eating out for lunch at work.  Eating in the office more often will eliminate the daily trips to get lunch.

For even more tips please visit Rhonda Abrams, 'Strategies: How To Save Money On Gas'.

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