Sunday, February 14, 2010

Watch Out For Phony Health Insurance

AARP recently shared some tips, or warning signs, of when health insurance is phony. With the amount of people today that are seeking their own insurance due to job loss I thought this would be great information to share so that money isn't wasted on something that won't fill your needs.

Some warning signs include:
  • Coverage that promises full benefits but costs much less than similar policies.
  • Easy sign up regardless of preexisting conditions and with no required medical exams or questionnaires.
  • Offers to have an agent visit your home rather than mail you information about coverage and costs.
  • Any attempt to get your social security number and bank account information during a sales presentation.
  • A pitch that mentions "coverage", "benefits" and "health protection" but not insurance.
I hope you find this helpful. Please leave a comment and let us know if there are any companies you have encountered that fit these warning signs.
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